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"His credit list is vast and eclectic with highlights such as working extensively with Madonna from the very beginning of her career. He played the famous riff for C+C Music Factory “Everybody Dance Now”, written and performed songs on soundtracks for such films as  Happy Feet, Be Cool and Robots, and produced dozens of albums for funk, pop, rock and jazz artists, among a cajillion other things."

by Lisa Waugh for Rock World Magazine

How long did it take before you realized that you were going to go forward with the album?
I knew I was gonna finish it, I just didn’t know how. There was no way I was gonna stop, T-Bone would’ve hated that idea. So I made some calls and one of the first people I called was the guitar player Paul Pesco, who was in my band with T-Bone for a long time. He was aware of what had happened and I said, “Paul, do you want to come in here and help me with this?” And he said, “I’m doing something, but I’m stopping that right now tomorrow.” And he literally was in Indonesia and he left Indonesia and was at my door step in about two days. The song “A Message To You” was a song we wrote together. He came in with that guitar lick, which was a very sort of happy guitar lick and he sort of broke the ice. He didn’t just come in saying, “Okay, what do you want to do now?” He came in saying, “Okay, let’s take this.” I really owe him a lot for the way he treated this whole situation, sad as it was.

Daryl Hall for Rolling Stone Magazine